Notes on refereeing manuscripts and answering to comments

Peer review

The process of refereeing a manuscript:

My method to prepare the review (personal bias here)

Compile the Word file to pdf and make sure your name/initials are not in the pdf, including its properties (CTRL+D)

Be polite but assertive. If you believe the paper should not be published in this journal (due to lack of soundness, novelty, or relevance) even after substantial changes, say so.

In future rounds of review, you should not add new comments.

Answering a review

When you submit a paper, it will be evaluated by external, anonymous referees (and perhaps also the editor). You will need to answer to their comments/questions and modify the manuscript accordingly before it can be published

My method to prepare the answers (personal bias here)

Provided that major/minor changes are needed:

General advice when answering to a review